How to Get Great Travel Deals and Hotel Bookings For Las Vegas

This recession has put everybody in a financial crunch and even though vacation tickets and hotel bookings in Las Vegas are down and even though flying there is expensive, you can still find some good deals if you look around online. The big casino hotels are struggling right now to get by but they are doing some very innovative things to try to attract visitors. Most of the casinos like Harrah’s are offering pre-bundled deals where you would get a decent but not great percentage off of an airline ticket but you would save a good amount on a hotel booking.

Visitors are still going to Vegas, but it’s now on a shoestring budget. Hotels are now offering the extras like great shopping deals, dining specials and hangout spots that would appeal to the younger crowd. Some hotels are even offering reward points that would allow them to see certain entertainment shows that they would normally pay for. This is a great concept because it will also attract the whole family.

The Las Vegas economy now might be down right now but they are experts at weathering economic recessions. They did it many times before and they will do it again. Even though they are giving American residents great deals on hotel rooms, they are also starting to concentrate on the one spot that could actually help them survive this great recession and hold on until the housing industry picks up and starts a turnaround. They are now focusing most of their effort on reaching prospective customers overseas and by offering them sweet deals on travel ticks and hotel stays. They can bring in a fresh new elite crowd from Europe that has more than its share of money to spend on gambling and entertainment Las Vegas style.

So from now until the end of 2009 you will probably be able to pick and choose the hotel in Vegas that you want to stay at, and probably name your price. So if you have the chance to get out there to take your mind off of these economic times i would suggest a brief weekend trip. Vegas is the city that never sleeps, so party on up people and have a great time.

How to Find Affordable Travel Deals and Airline Tickets


There are many websites that you can find travel and last minute deals. is a website that predicts whether or not a airline ticket price will go up over the next coming week. It shows you the the lowest price you can find for the ticket you are trying to purchase and recommend if you should make a purchase now, or wait. Another website that allows you to monitor your fare if you purchase through an airline website. If the price of the ticket drops Yapta will help you get the difference in the price of ticket.

Step 2 DEALS

Two websites that allow you to aggressively get the best deals on airfares, hotels and car rentals, are and Both website compare all the price from all the website and arline sites nd make a comparison and give you the lowest price. If you are looking for the best last minute package deals the best website to look is The site list hotels, car rental and flights at the lowest price.

Step 3 HOTELS is the best website that allows you to do a lot when trying to find the best hotels and the best deals. You an compare hotels based on numerous things such as size, look at the rooms. The website tells you which is the best hotels to stay and which to avoid

Step 4 CAR TRAVEL is a website that give you the best ravel information when travelling by car. Yo will find the most up-to-date information , such as an accident,roadblocks and the fastest route to take.

Step 5 GROUP TRAVEL allows everyone in a group to help in the planning of a trip. You can chat and build and change your itineraries daily. This make travelling easier as, everyone can make an input about what they want to do, where they want to go.

Step 6 VACATION RENTALS provides a listing of vacation rentals. Here you can see pictures, read reviews of previous renters. You can find listing of vacation rentals in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Travel Deals – How to Enjoy Great Savings on Travel Costs

Are you itching to get out of the country more often but are daunted by spiraling travel costs? Fret no more, as the advent of the Internet has given rise to the ubiquitous presence of cheap travel deals which you can easily source online in order to slash your travel costs by a considerable amount.

Online travel agents and service providers have several reasons for offering such attractive online deals, such as unfavourable climate and weather in certain destinations, the launch of new promotions as well as a relative lack of demand.

Regardless of the reason for such deals, going online enables you to conduct efficient and accurate research regarding travel rates, make comparisons among rates offered by different websites and enjoy big savings that come with the best deals. Here are some words of advice regarding how you can go about snagging excellent deals for your air tickets and hotels, which happen to be two of the biggest sources of high travel costs.

Before you can actually begin researching on the cheapest travel discounts, it would be good for you to draw up your entire travel budget and its various components such as hotels and air tickets. You have to thus consider your main travel purpose so that you can allocate a relevant amount to each of these components. For instance, if you are gearing up for a resort stay, you may want to spend more on lodging and entertainment.

Therefore, bearing your budget allocation in mind, it is important to manage your expectations when it comes to determining whether a particular deal is worthwhile and will help you chalk up huge savings without any compromise in quality. You will also have to think about whether you are travelling on a tight budget or in luxury.

To enjoy great deals on air tickets and accommodation, you should visit a travel portal that specializes in offering discounted rates for them. This allows you to search for deals on these two components, and make seamless calculations for these deals without having to leave the website.

You should keep an eye out for limited time promotions that are often a result of less people travelling during a particular season such as winter, or simply promotions run in conjunction with local festivals and events. Do however check out the destination’s weather conditions before you travel during these periods.

Last minute deals, which can save you lots of money, are also widely offered by hotels and airlines which are seeking customers to fill up empty rooms and seats. Booking at the last minute is suggested especially if you are travelling during a less busy season and are sure that you will be able to get a room or seat.

However, booking well in advance is advised if your travel takes place during a peak travel period, as the rooms and seats of the cheaper categories and those with attractive deals are usually snapped up first. In addition, flexibility in your travel arrangements means that you can afford to enter a range of dates instead of just a single date into the air ticket or hotel search field. This ensures that you will likely have cheaper travel deals for airfares and hotels show up.